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The history of the work of our team in the production of propellers began in 1987 at the Design Bureau of the Kiev Institute of Engineers for Civil Aviation.

The first step was the production of two-bladed wooden monoblock propellers.
Then, following the requirements of the evolving light aircraft, we developed the design and have begun the small-scale production of adjustable three-blade propellers with a duralumin hub with wooden blades.
The next step in 1996 was the truly serial production of propellers with blades made of composite materials.

Soon, the "group of propellers" Design Bureau of the Kiev Institute of Engineers for Civil Aviation was reorganized into an independent company - LLC Kievprop.

At the moment, our company mass-produces a range of variable-pitch propellers and fixed-pitch adjustable on the ground.

Our propellers are designed to be installed on devices (experimental aircraft, airplanes, trikes, paragliders, amphibians and seaplanes, gyroplanes, snowmobiles) with engines equipped with a gearbox and damper (Rotax, Hirth, HKS, BMW TakeOFF, Simonini, etc.) .
In the future, it is planned to manufacture propellers for direct drive engines (Jabiru, Continental, Lycoming).

Propellers of fixed step adjustable on the ground are presented in diameters of 1.7 - 1.8 m of the left and 1.6 - 1.9 m of the right direction of rotation.
All diameters are made in 3, 4, 5 and 6 blade versions.
The available combinations allow you to effectively realize the power of any of these engines with any gear ratio of their gearboxes.

Variable in-flight pitch propellers are designed for installation on aircraft with Rotax 912 - 914 engines of all modifications equipped with a gearbox with a hollow output shaft and gear ratio 1: 2.43.
Variable pitch propellers are presented in diameters 1.73, 1.82 and 1.92 * m of the right direction of rotation and the left direction of rotation with a diameter of 1.82 m.
* - being tested

Thanks to our experience, we were able to create propellers with high characteristics and low noise.
All blades have brass protection of the leading edge, which allows them to withstand the abrasive effects of soil particles and the erosive effects of water and significantly extends the life of the propellers.
Many years of operation statistics have proven the high reliability of our propellers - the operating time of some instances exceeds 3000 hours!
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