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We produce a range of ground adjustable pitch propellers for ULM and LSA (airplanes, trikes, powered parachutes, sea planes, autogyros, experimental aircraft, airboats and ski planes) with diameter of 1.7-1.8 m left rotation and diameter of 1.6-1.9 m right rotation in 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-blades options.

Propellers are designed to be installed on aircraft with engines that incorporate a gearbox or belt drive reduction unit to slow the propeller rpm and provide shock absorption (Rotax, Hirth, HKS, BMW TakeOFF, Simonini).

Maximum output power on the driving shaft for 3-blades propellers is up to 140 hp.
Maximum output power on the driving shaft for 4-blades propellers is up to 160 hp.
Maximum output power on the driving shaft for 5-, 6-blades propellers is up to 180 hp.

All Propellers include:
- hub and its installation kit (bolts and nuts),
- blades,
- pitch adjustment device,
- fastening bolts,
- blades covers.

Available options:
- spinner (hub fairing) Ø 226 mm (8,9"),
- spacer (distance separator) of 15 mm (0.6"), 30 mm (1.2"), 40mm (1.55"), 57 mm (2.25") or 80mm (3.1").

A Spacer is used to move the propeller away from obstructions such as a radiator, engine cowling, exhaust system, flaperons, etc. Increasing the distance between wings and propeller (for pusher-type aircraft) reduces the noise and possible external wing component vibrations. Spacers can also improve propeller operation by moving it back into less disturbed airflow.

The Propeller is attached to the engine flange with 6 mounting bolts.
The mounting hole bolt pattern is 75 mm in diameter. (Rotax, Hirth standard).

Bolt tightening torque: 25 Nm !

Propeller Warranty is 12 months from the date of purchase. Including proper storage, proper transportation and the conditions of proper operation.

The following table contains examples of 3-blade propeller usage options for Rotax engines. For other power plants please contact us.
The types of 3-blades "KievProp"
* - the broad blade; ** - the narrow blade

All types of blade variations are used for 4, 5, or 6-blade options.
Please consult us for the best choice.

The various 3-blades "KievProp" types and applications
The table contains examples of 3-blades propeller options for the Rotax engine.
When using different power plants please consult us.

The operation of our propellers on engines without a gearbox and damper is forbidden!
Basic set
The basic set includes blades, hub, fasteners, protective covers for blades and pitch gauge
3-blade propeller hub
4-blade propeller hub
5-blade propeller hub
6-blade propeller hub
Propeller pitch gauge
Different blade types
Protective covers for blades
Additionally the set can include a propeller hub fairing (spinner) and spacer
15mm (0.6") spacer
30mm (1.2") spacer
40mm (1.6") spacer
57mm (2.25") spacer
80mm (3.1") spacer
propeller hub fairing (spinner) Ø 226 mm (8,9")
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