We produce In-Flight Adjustable propellers!

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General information
The company "KievProp" resumed mass production of three-bladed In-Flight Adjustable propellers!
We offer you a modification with an electric drive with a diameter of 1.73, 1.82 and 1.92* m of the right direction of rotation and the left direction of rotation with a diameter of 1.82 m.
* - is being tested

The In-Flight Adjustable propellers of this modification are intended for installation on aircraft with Rotax 912 - 914 engines equipped with a gearbox with a hollow output shaft and a gear ratio of 1: 2.43.

The electric drive is adapted for electronic regulators "constant speed" PR1-P of the Italian company "Microel s.r.l." and CS-5 from the Czech company "Woodcomp".

All Propellers include:
- hub and its installation kit,
- blades,
- blades covers,
- electric drive assembly and its installation kit.

Available options:
- spacer (distance separator) of 15 mm (0.6"), 28 mm (1.1") or 45 mm (1.8"),
- device to control propeller pitch manually,
- 2-color WHITE/BLACK option for blades,
- propeller hub fairing (spinner) Ø 226 mm (8,9"),
- an extension cable connecting the drive.
The types of 3-blades "KievProp"
In-Flight Adjustable propellers
* - is being tested
Basic set
The basic set includes blades (with covers), hub, fasteners and electric drive
3-blade In Flight Adjustable propeller hub
Different blade types
Electric drive
Protective covers for blades
Additionally the set can include a propeller hub fairing (spinner) and spacer
15 mm spacer
28 mm spacer
propeller hub fairing (spinner) Ø 226 mm (8,9")
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We produce In-Flight Adjustable propellers
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